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Phonon::MediaObjectInterface Class Reference

#include <Phonon/MediaObjectInterface>

Inherited by Phonon::DS9::MediaObject, Phonon::Fake::MediaObject, Phonon::Gstreamer::MediaObject, and Phonon::QT7::MediaObject.

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Detailed Description

Backend interface for media sources.

The backend implementation has to provide two signals, that are not defined in this interface:

Matthias Kretz <kretz@kde.org>
See also:

Definition at line 64 of file mediaobjectinterface.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual qint64 currentTime () const =0
virtual QString errorString () const =0
virtual Phonon::ErrorType errorType () const =0
virtual bool hasVideo () const =0
virtual bool isSeekable () const =0
virtual void pause ()=0
virtual void play ()=0
virtual qint32 prefinishMark () const =0
virtual qint64 remainingTime () const
virtual void seek (qint64 milliseconds)=0
virtual void setNextSource (const MediaSource &source)=0
virtual void setPrefinishMark (qint32)=0
virtual void setSource (const MediaSource &)=0
virtual void setTickInterval (qint32 interval)=0
virtual void setTransitionTime (qint32)=0
virtual MediaSource source () const =0
virtual Phonon::State state () const =0
virtual void stop ()=0
virtual qint32 tickInterval () const =0
virtual qint64 totalTime () const =0
virtual qint32 transitionTime () const =0

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